10 Years of triple innova Print
Montag, 15 Oktober 2012
In 2012 triple innova celebrated its 10th anniversary. The company was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing the topics of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Since then triple innova has been working with a core team in Wuppertal (Germany) and a broad network of partners across Germany and Europe.

Verifying Sustainability Report of German Plastics Packagings and Films Industry Association Print
Samstag, 29 September 2012
triple innova has undertaken the verification of German Plastics Packagings and Films Industry Association (IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.)’s first Sustainability Report. The 2012 report applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, level C. Read more...
Webinar about GRI Indicators Print
Donnerstag, 27 September 2012

On 25th September 2012 triple innova hosted a webinar on the topic of "Measuring sustainability with indicators from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines". This was carried out on behalf of the Centre for Sustainability Management of the Leuphana University, Lüneburg (Germany).

Implenia Sustainability Report 2011 Published Print
Donnerstag, 27 September 2012
Implenia AG´s first Sustainability Report has been published. The GRI certified report fulfills GRI Level B criteria. Before communicating their sustainability activities to the public, Implenia went through an internal process regarding sustainability aspects.
Sustainable Value Creation Management Print
Dienstag, 25 September 2012
On 21st September 2012 Brigitte Biermann (triple innova) made a presentation entitled “Sustainable Value Creation Management – its challenges and potential” at an event hosted by the Rhineland-Palatinate Initiative for the Future (ZIRP). Read more...
triple innova at Sustainability Event of the “Rhineland-Palatinate Initiative for the Future” Print
Sonntag, 23 September 2012

triple innova will give an input at the event „Nachhaltigkeit in der Wertschöpfungskette: Herausforderungen und Potentiale“ of the “Rhineland-Palatinate Initiative for the Future” on 21st September in Mainz.

Under the titel „Nachhaltiges Wertschöpfungsmanagement: Herausforderungen und Potenziale“ triple innova will deal with experiences with sustainable value chain management. The “Rhineland-Palatinate Initiative for the Future” is a public-private alliance of 80 public figures, companies and institutions of economy, politics, science and culture of the state Rhineland-Palatinate. Find more information here (German only).

triple innova at Ferrero Print
Sonntag, 23 September 2012
In September 2012 Brigitte Biermann (triple innova) gave a lecture on "Challenges and practical approaches for Ferrero climate advisors" at the German Ferrero site in Stadtallendorf. She then led a discussion with the audience, made up of people responsible for climate protection issues, about the opportunities that sustainability could provide for them.
triple innova Trains Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Print
Mittwoch, 19 September 2012

In summer 2012 triple innova ran a GRI certified workshop on sustainability reporting at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) in Oberhausen, Germany. 

CSR-Reports for SMEs Print
Mittwoch, 05 September 2012
How do SME profit from publishing a sustainability report? What makes CSR reporting difficult for them and which instruments should they use for the reporting process? The answers to these questions can be found in brief here. The slides were presented by Brigitte Biermann (triple innova) at the third international conference on sustainability in August 2012 in Basel, Switzerland,"Strategies for Sustainability: Institutional and Organisational Challenges".

triple innova at Swiss Sustainability Conference Print
Freitag, 31 August 2012
During the 3rd international sustainability conference “triple innova will make a contribution in scope of the session "Sustainability Communication & Reporting“.triple innova´s input is about lean and effective sustainability reporting in SMEs. The conference on 29th till 31th August 2012 will take part in Basel under the title "Strategies for Sustainability: Institutional and Organisational Challenges“. Please find out more about the event here (German only).


New Professorship for Holger Wallbaum Print
Freitag, 10 August 2012
The managing director of triple innova, Holger Wallbaum, has been appointed as Full Professor in Sustainable Building at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden). Read more...
triple innova Participates Successfully in Sports Event “Bergischer Firmenlauf” Print
Montag, 09 Juli 2012

A team from triple innova competed in the running event “Bergischer Firmenlauf” on 8th July 2012 in Wuppertal. 

Re-accreditation of triple innova as a Certified Training Partner of the GRI Print
Freitag, 29 Juni 2012
In June 2012 triple innova was re-accredited as a certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Since the beginning of the certified training programme in 2010, triple innova has been an official training partner of the GRI in Germany and, with our re-accreditation, we can now offer certified workshops on sustainability reporting for a further two year period.
triple innova Chair Session at “Better CSR advice for SMEs” Print
Donnerstag, 14 Juni 2012

During the networking event “Better CSR advice for SMEs” triple innova chaired the introduction to the session "CSR Reporting and GRI for SME”. The event held on 12th and 13th June 2012 in Berlin was part of the European Commission’s project "Networking for better Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advice to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)”. 

Klasmann-Deilmann Publishes CSR Report Print
Dienstag, 29 Mai 2012
Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, the leading manufacturer of growing medium for professional horticulturalists, has published its first CSR Report. triple innova supported Klasmann-Deilmann in developing its sustainability strategy and reporting.
triple innova Contributes to Workshop “Practical Aspects of Social Life Cycle Assessment” Print
Samstag, 26 Mai 2012

triple innova attended the international workshop "Practical Aspects of Social Life Cycle Assessment" in Berlin on 25th May, contributing to the subject "Social Hot Spot Analysis. Prioritising social problems along the entire value chain in order to foster sustainable product innovation" and participating in the panel discussion.

Interview with triple innova in Organic Food Retail Magazine “BioHandel” Print
Freitag, 11 Mai 2012
Organic food retailers foster sustainability: the products they offer contribute to resource efficiency and have less ecological impacts than conventionally produced products. However, organic food shops are not sustainable as such. The German journal for organic food retail “BioHandel” has published an interview with Brigitte Biermann from triple innova. Read more...
C&A Sustainability Report published Print
Samstag, 05 Mai 2012
C&A published its 2011 sustainability report. This report includes C&A Europe's Carbon Footprint, which was calculated by triple innova. triple innova also supported C&A in communicating this information. Read more...
Club of Wuppertal: Einladung zum Gespräch Print
Mittwoch, 18 April 2012
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Das nächste Unternehmer(innen)-Gespräch des Club of Wuppertal findet am 10./11. Mai statt. Informationen finden Sie hier.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Event “How to make my company become more sustainable” Print
Freitag, 30 März 2012
triple innova facilitated the workshop “How to make my company become more sustainable” on 28th March 2012. The workshop was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid.
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