Webinar about GRI Indicators
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On 25th September 2012 triple innova hosted a webinar on the topic of "Measuring sustainability with indicators from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines". This was carried out on behalf of the Centre for Sustainability Management of the Leuphana University, Lüneburg (Germany).

Most of the 27 participants were students and alumni of the MBA programme (accredited by the European MBA Guidelines), which is offered by CSM as an e-learning based distance study.
triple innova presented important aspects of the measurement and description of sustainability performances and explained the concrete assistance that the GRI Guidelines can offer. By means of a recent sustainability report, quantitative and qualitative report elements were illustrated. The participants were involved by participating in surveys, votes and chat post and all this led to a critical and highly informative discussion.

Here is the webinar announcement which describes the different topics which were treated during the course:
"This webinar is about the challenge to describe and measure the sustainability performances of companies. When GRI demands quantitative values, i.e. energy consumption in joules, amount of waste in tons or average absence of the employees, the existing management and control systems of most companies are well prepared. The GRI Guidelines additionally offer qualitative indicators to describe performances and their development over the years. This is a kind of measurement in the broader sense.
In the webinar we will - with the help of concrete examples - discuss chosen quantitative and qualitative indicators and set both types of description in contrast with each other. On this basis we will try to find out the added value that qualitative measurement can create for companies and what kind of challenges this will generate."