Klasmann-Deilmann Group
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Klasmann-Deilmann Group published its 3rd Sustainability Report in 2013. This latest report is “in accordance” with the GRI G4 “core option”. triple innova advised on the general report concept as well as on the practical application of the GRI G4 Guidelines.

The main consulting focus was on the following three topics: Value Chain, Materiality and Aspect Boundaries. Klasmann-Deilmann also included their subsidiaries and the production centres that they own in the report.

Established in 1913, the company produces and sells substrates for the international commercial horticultural industry. Currently, it actively engages in the field of renewable energy and resources. Klasmann-Deilmann’s new slogan “growing sustainably” reflects its ambitions. This latest report includes a critical evaluation of turf as a resource and the impact on the climate of its emissions. This creates a solid basis for discussion, even with critical stakeholders. The report is available here.