Support of C&A's Carbon Footprint Calculation and Sustainability Reporting Process
In: Sustainability Reports

Due to the close collaboration triple innova was also asked to evaluate C&A's environmental performance and reporting:

“The section on 'Environmental protection at C&A' in the C&A sustainability report 2008 focuses on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, especially regarding energy supplies to buildings and in relation to transport and logistics. One aspect that should be highlighted is the comprehensive calculation of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e), which makes it possible to quantify targets and the success of the measures taken. In view of the negative consequences of climate change and rising energy prices, this focus on energy efficiency appears to make sense. The Bio Cotton products with no price premium are an environmental innovation with a broad impact for all C&A stores, and one which fits in well with our value-formoney philosophy. As well as that there are individual projects (such as the Eco Store) with a prominent signal effect that are being trialled in practice. These approaches are highly promising, provided they are transferred to other stores as well; they can be understood by C&A customers and employees alike, and can be controlled from the group headquarters. The report does not, however, map out the expenditure of resources and energy from the start of the production chain through to the finished item of clothing.
Through its use of Bio Cotton products, C&A is effectively reducing the consumption of energy and resources as well as the discharge of problematic substances into the environment. C&A should follow its own social commitment
and also become more active in environmental matters beyond the bounds of its own company. Setting up the crossdepartmental Environmental Working Group, in which the corporate management is also involved, cooperation between the environmental officers across national boundaries and the information platform GIN, which promotes transparency, can all encourage the implementation
and expansion of these measures. There is no doubt that effective environmental protection at C&A also depends on whether the employees of C&A are able to participate in it and lend their active support. triple innova advises C&A on the conformity of the sustainability report with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and on calculating the greenhouse gas emissions that it causes.”

The full sustainability report can be found here